A Surprising Toast

It was our second trip to the Ukraine to visit Lena and her family. Wherever we went in the Ukraine the hospitality was overwhelming. We went for lunch to Lena’s parent’ flat in Kharkov where a feast was laid out. During the meal Lena’s sister, Tanya, leant across the table to pass something to me. As she leant forward I had a wonderful view of her well formed chest. I raised my eyebrows and said “That’s very pretty!” She looked at me in surprise, maybe she had not understood what I said, though her command of English was very good.

“Don’t worry”, said Eva, “he flirts with all pretty women”. Tanya visibly relaxed and gave both of us a lovely smile.

Later, when the meal was over, Tanya posed against the wall, making sure her chest was displayed to most advantage. She gave me a wicked look as she twisted her hips and bent one leg. Eva was amazed. Up to this point Tanya had been quite subdued and bit in the background at the family gatherings. Now she was not just flirting with me, she was a hot vamp.

The next day we all went to Lena’s parent’s Dacha where they grew most of their food – and where there was more sleeping accommodation to house us all together. The next day everyone was busy organising another lunch-time feast, this time for about 16 people. Lena said that we would be able to meet her father’s new boss – the man who owned a local flour mill and other businesses. The meal was had on a long table in the garden and the meat was cooked over a homemade barbecue. There was a lot of beer and vodka, as well as plates of different types of salads, cold meats and fish, breads and yogurt and cheese. During the preparation I enjoyed helping with the barbecue and continuing to flirt with Tayna and Lena, as well as regularly cuddling and kissing Eva.

Finally everything was ready and we all took our places along the table. I sat next to Eva, as I always chose. Opposite me was an auburn haired woman probably in her late thirties or early forties. She gave me a nice smile or two but spent most of the time looking quite sad and lonely. I tried to engage her in conversation and she knew enough English to enable us to have a friendly chat. After a while I said to Eva, “this woman looks like she needs a cuddle, I’m going to give her one”. With that I walked around the table and cuddled the woman from behind. She was obviously very pleased and smiled and laughed and exchanged words in Russian with Lena and some of the other women

Me cuddling Irena


When I regained my seat Eva told me that the woman I had been cuddling was called Irena and was the wife of Volodya, the man who was Lenas’ father’s boss. He had been staring at me quite intensely whilst I hugged his wife, I now understood why and hoped that I had not offended either of them. Later Eva told me that while I hugged Irena Lena had told her that Irena and Volodya had not had sex for the last two years and it was good that I was being affectionate toward her. I knew that in the Ukraine there was little distinction between successful businessmen and mafia bosses and I started to become worried! However Irena looked much happier and was talking animatedly to Lena whilst Eva and I talked. I continued to flirt with Lena and Tanya as well as hugging Eva as often as I could.

The rest of the dinner passed without incident, which was remarkable considering the amount of beer and vodka that was drunk, and as the party split up it was agreed that we would all go to the bayna together, the local sauna that had been booked by Lena for the next afternoon.

Drinking with Irena’s husband, Volodya

When we arrived at the banya the next day most of the people from the party already were there. It was traditional for all the men to go off to one steam room together, with a few beers, and for the women to go to a different steam room. There were also communal areas where the group could meet up. Now I could not speak any Russian, and none of the men could speak any English, all the English speaking Ukrainians were women (including Lena, Tanya and Irena). So it was agreed that I would go off with the women – to which I, and they, agreed enthusiastically. It was interesting being with half a dozen naked women, some of whom made no secret of staring at my genitals whilst we were in the sauna and showers. I was enjoying looking at so many attractive women!

When the time at the banya was over it was agreed that we would all go back to Volodya and Irena’s flat to continue the party. The flat was much better kept than other flats we had been in whilst in Kharkov, reflecting Volodya’s success in making money. One of the rooms was cleared to make a dance area while in the adjacent room a table was laid out with food to eat as well as beer and vodka. We all had a really good time. At one point while we were dancing Tanya decided that she wanted to take my shirt off and was very insistent in helping me to remove it – I was not resisting the attention nor the very obvious flirt. Slowly we calmed down and all sat at the table eating the food that was laid out and drinking beer and vodka.

At these times it is traditional for people to make toasts to celebrate being together, to absent friends and so on. Towards the end of the evening Volodya indicated that he wanted to make a toast. Whenever anyone who could not speak English did this Lena would translate for us. So Volodya said a few words, Lena would translate, and then he would continue.

Volodya looked straight at me and said “I have been watching you with your wife”. After the pause for the translation he continued, “I have seen how you love her and how attentive you are to her, and how happy this makes her. I have decided that I will, from now on, pay more attention to my wife, and I hope to make her a happier woman.” As Lena finished her translation both Eva and I burst into tears, this was the last thing I expected from this man who could so easily have decided to be jealous or annoyed. Instead he was so open hearted and had recognised my lovingness. I thanked him profusely and we hugged warmly.

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