This site is based upon the long term relationship between Prof Jake Chapman and his wife, Dr. Eva Chapman. The material has largely been written by Jake with some written jointly. Eva has approved all the content.

We first met in April 1979 at the Open University where Eva was a research student and Jake a Professor (in a different department). We started a monogamous relationship in October 1979 and were married in September 1983. Eva had been married twice before, Jake had been married once before and in one other long term relationship. So for both of us this was our third long term relationship. We each had two children from our previous relationships.

Jake has had a successful career as an academic (in Physics and later Systems), as a businessman (energy efficiency and developing energy ratings for dwellings), as an Enlightenment Master and as a Systems Thinking tutor to senior public sector leaders. Eva has been a teacher, psychotherapist, researcher and successful author. Together we have run therapy, couples and meditation groups, worked in our business together and raised our four children. We now live on the edge of Exmoor on a small holding where we grow all our own fruit and vegetables and have chickens. We regard our life together as idyllic and daily grow more in love.

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