Relationship Path

Our relationship has become the focus of our journey to greater awareness and deeper contact with the Divine, so in this sense our relationship is our spiritual path. Many spiritual traditions distinguish between renunciate and householder paths. A person following a renunciate path aims to renounce all attachments to the material world, including all possessions and intimate relationships. In contrast people following householder paths are expected to be successful both in a material sense and in their relationships. However most householder paths involve following a religion or distinct spiritual practice in order to become more aware or more in touch with the Divine. As far as I know none propose using an intimate relationship itself as a vehicle for spiritual progress, which is what we have chosen to do.

The material in this section of the website is organised as follows:

Our History provides more detail of what we mean by “greater awareness and deeper contact with Divine Love” and also contrasts this path with others that we have followed in the past.

The Practice sets out what we regard as the requirements for enabling an intimate relationship to also serve as a spiritual path.

Divine Contact is the gauge by which we judge the state of our relationship. In this section I explain, as far as possible, how to recognise Divine contact and how it can be nurtured in a relationship.

Collusion is one of the most obvious dangers of using a relationship as a path. This section explains how to distinguish collusion from acceptance and provides examples of both from our own experience.

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