Much of the material in this website was first written as part of a book we were going to write together on our relationship. For a variety of reasons the book project has been shelved and the material has landed here. The practical stuff, like the principles, tools and how to handle crises has been easy to organise. However when reviewing all the material we had for the book it became clear that there were some interesting stories that did not easily fit in the structure. So this section has been created to accommodate them. In different ways the stories illustrate aspects of our relationship that are hard to convey; we also think that they are interesting in themselves.

The first story Discovering Jake recounts in some detail what happened the second time we met; it has an amazing twist at the end.
The second story, Jake’s Misery, is actually extracts from Jake’s early journals that were assembled for the relationship book. The exchange between Eva and I at the end puts the material in context.
The third story, Ecstatic Guilt Clearing, is an amazing story from Eva about how relationship issues unfold over many years.
The fourth story, A Surprising Toast, arose from one of our visits to the Ukraine when we were tracking down Eva’s relatives.

There are many other stories, as they are written they will be posted here.

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